Rat Fight (album)

March 20th, 2007 + 9:03 AM  ·  totallymeat

Hey there, this is a song called Rat Fight from my band Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings off of our album Velour On The Floor.  I've posted before, but back then, all I had was live recordings.  Got some good feedback, so I thought I'd bring it back with the studio versions.  Listen, enjoy, spill your guts, gimme the feedback, y'all!

In case you're interested, this was recorded in our home studio using our own equipment.  We engineered and mixed the whole thing, final mastering was done be Vinton Fountain at Nebula Mastering.  We used three kinds of mics in the entire recording process, hooked into a Digi 002 and Protools.


I don't feel sympathetic if you took a diuretic
and now you've got to pee
something's in your dome, but you're not at home
this chick is about to OD
elk mating call echo from outside
but it's only kids blowing in horns
she did it at first 'cause she needed the grade
but liked the way the antlers adorned

cab driver with every answer
but too proud to tell anyone
talk radio host late night coast-to-coast
with the find of the millennium
a new theory of time, fix your love life, eliminate accidents
completely confirmed by the evidence
for believers, that is

rat fight in the middle of the night
'cause they didn't know you were there
the high-pitched squeal always gives them away
you can smell by the blood in their hair
so make a dash under the ashtray
or the hole underneath the stair
don't linger for too long
or you might forget why you care

sleeping in the lab just to get the job done
passed out on the floor alone
housekeeping woke me up at 4 AM
I guess that it's time to go home
not quite raining and not quite dry
everything feels soggy and wet
back on track for a little while
but it's too easy to forget


March 9th, 2006 + 1:03 AM  ·  totallymeat

This is a live recording of my band, Midnight Spaghetti & The Chocolate G-Strings.  We are working on a studio album now, and we want to refine our songs to capture the energy of our live shows, yet make the tracks punchy and concise.  Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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